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Red Fort of Agra – Another MUST SEE Place for Tourists!

01 March 2012no comments Architectural Wonders, Must See, Wonders of India

One of the gates to Agra FortDuring my stay in Agra city I visited lots of great places including my wonderful visit to world-famous Taj Mahal. And this time I’m gonna share my impressions after visiting the Agra Fort that’s also known as the Red Fort but please note that Agra Fort is not the only fort to be called a Red one :) Agra Fort is also in the list of UNESCO world heritage, just like Taj Mahal. By the way, Agra Fort is only in about 2 km away from Taj and it’s even situated on the same river side.

The history of Red Fort dates back to 16th century when Mughals emperors ruled. It has two gates leading to the courtyard, but only one gate is used to get behind its walls. Speaking of walls, this fort has 2.5 km of walls made of red stone (yes, that’s the reason of being a “Red Fort”). In fact, red sandstone was one of the main constructing materials of those times. Red sandstone was also used during construction of buildings that are located within the fort.

Hall of Public Audience in Agra FortBTW, Agra Fort has lots of interesting places within its walls. The first building to see at the fort is Diwan-i-Am. It’s translated as the Hall of Public Audience and was used as a place where emperors had audiences of ordinary people. At least I was told so by a local guide :) And of course there was one more hall for emperors to meet with other kings and nobles. I’m talking about the Hall of Private Audience. But let’s get back to the buildings inside the fort. There are several mosques there, including Nagina Masjid, Moti Masjid and Mina Masjid. Also there are several palaces there. Personally I don’t remember their names, but with the help of almighty Internet I managed to restore the names of the palaces, here they are: Macchi Bhavan, Khas Mahal, Shish Mahal, Jahangir Palace, etc. If you ever want to see all these places, the good option will be to order a custom tour from this Kashmir tour agency.

Local courtyaThe Courtyard within Agra Fortrd has truly wonderful view because of the number of colors local buildings have. Some buildings are made of red sandstone and others are made of white marble. Thus the whole picture looks truly unforgettable and magical. There is one more thing that amazed me a lot in constructions of local buildings is the way their walls were built. Some buildings have hollow walls that were filled with running water to cool down the building during the summer time. I was really impressed with such architectural wonder of those times.

Anyway, Agra Fort is in the list of must see places for tourists who visit the beautiful city of Agra. So if you ever visit that wonderful city, try to find some time and to witness the beauty of the local Red Fort with your own eyes.

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